Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Blog...Why Now?

I used to write alot actually, as a matter of fact I have three unfinished books and poetry that goes on for days. I write in journals to express my feelings and to not go crazy and I write things down so as not to forget the moments that matter.

Yet it's been about a year and a half since I've written something substantial or anything worth an audience's opinion. I've lost interest in even the one thing that helped me to keep my sanity. People usually find it easy to write when they are lost or angry or confused but this is not why im blogging.

This last year I have been through a lot...I mean I've been through the trenches. Bad break up, triflin friends, health problems, family problems, money problems...and the list continues but the tears have dried and this is not why I'm blogging.

I am blogging because my poetry needs a voice, because my adventures are not merely mine alone to experience, because sometimes the soul is too passionate for just talking. I am blogging to hear opinions and criticism and be sure that I am checked into reality. It is because sometimes you just need someone to listen(or read), and not judge, and not tell all your business, and sometimes you just need to scream (or write is all CAPS) and that time is soul is open.

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