Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Black Man

He is my king
My unforeseen statute of strength
that I may lay my head upon
And I must bring myself to look beyond
The stigmatism that is a Black Man
The way he walk talks dresses and acts
Is just a part of what brings me back
to the day that I met him
He was caramel, mahogany, chocolate and dark chocolate complected
And when he saw these curves firmly erected
Waiting for me to say his name
You see I used to think that all black men were alike
Dogs as I called them
A good for nothing
No job havin
Booty grabbin
That was until I crossed paths with him
He brought a smile unto me that no man had ever brought before
And as he stepped into my door
I realized that he was stepping into my heart
And would become a part of who I am
I am a black woman
A queen
A diva
One that can stand on her own two feet
But is not afraid to lean on that brotha for that extra support
And is quick to let him know
That I want to be with you
I don't need to be with you
And it's not because of the warrior between your legs
Because that's not what's always on a black woman's head
But it's because of the comfort you bring
as I wake to the morning sunshine
And he is not a gangster a drug dealer a thugster a cold killer
He is an articulate compassionate immaculate
Black Man
And for that I thank him
For his eyes the only ones
that can look into mine and know
that I am proud to be by his side
And that I am the essence of beauty
I thank him
And for his pride in being a man
Growing strong with me
Being my aphrodisiac
and making me moan you see
I thank him
For being all that he is
exactlywhat he is
None other than
A Black Man

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