Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time Stood Still

Your words intersect mine
And the time in my heart stood still
This moment in time framed
So as not to forget the illusion
And the conclusion of your perfection
Amidst the broken pieces
And shattered places
Lie our faces in the minutes
Of happines that cease to tick
This millisecond, glimpses of how you were
Brought a cure to a pulse steady
With rhythms of anger and dissapointment
This instant I want to remember
As tender as the day I met you
Here there is no doubt
And your actions cause no fear
The tears that grace my cheek
Are from fluttering hearts and sweet nothings
It is the intersection between my dreams and what is reality
The actuality is that the clock ticked away this time
tick tock tick tock
So Ill keep you frozen in my thoughts
between the beats of my heart
Where time stands still