Monday, June 8, 2009


Not identified by a cape

Or xray vision

But by decisions made

To give up nothing and sacrafice all

It is that something

That something that holds

And molds my strength

To the point of super human ability

And a serenity that allows me

To bow my head and thank Him

Even for the not so amazing

They call me superwoman

Im the one that never rests

That tests the boundaries of what

Can be done

No task for me is impossible

As I inhale the possibility of defeat

That inner strength guides

My weary mind

And gives that extra to

A body that cries out for peace

Believe I am superwoman

I can't envision the end

Because the beginning keeps

ending what Ive already finished

And steadily reminds me

That time to fear my

kryptonite is never at hand

So I stand before you


My "S" is much more than

just super

It is my Strength my Serenity

My Sound mind when I am

running on empty

I am the uplift for those

that chose to not remember their own


The substitute for those that even blinked

and took the incomplete

my work is never done

That one

that saves the day

Yes they call me superwoman

the woman behind the cape...

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