Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reality of Fantasy

I've lost my way
My map says reality
but this sign says fantasy
Their intersections crossed
and have me living recklessly

Which way, which way is it?
I'm waiting for you to lead the way
cuz I'm looking down this path
and I just can't see
Everything around is blinding me

Take your hand?...and then?
I can't go to the place I was in again
It left me at a dead end
This fantasy you left me in

I should probably ask for directions
and I've lost all connections
to what's real and and what I've imagined
to what I can feel and what's a distraction

SOS...someone save me
I'm out of hope
and my faith is almost empty
Have you seen the road to reality

Last call...last call for reality
l'm sorry maam you can't take everything
You must leave the self destruction, rose colored glasses, and naivety
Watch ur step and don't look back
That's how you get trapped in fantasy
Welcome back, next stop reality

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Delta My Delta

My Delta,

She's a Diva

She stands out in the crowd

Crimson in her eyes

Illustrious goes before her with pride

Her style is bold

Her manner is regal

With a passion unwavering

From the day she was created

My Sigma,

Is my strength

Cream is the Purity

with which I reach my hand to serve

Courage is the certainty

With which I lead my life

My heart beats with fortitude

I go fearlessly in the direction of Change

My Theta,

I dedicate to my sisterhood

Ladies with nobility and class

Bonds closer than bloodlines themselves

A common dream reflected from the past

With delight 1913 we uphold and believe

We carry the torch

With wisdom we lead

My pride for her is eternal

My voice for her is thunderous

There is none other like her

Growing stronger than we can see

I am she and she is me

My name forever written

On the pages of her story

She is my Delta Sigma Theta

All my love pledged unto her

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time Stood Still

Your words intersect mine
And the time in my heart stood still
This moment in time framed
So as not to forget the illusion
And the conclusion of your perfection
Amidst the broken pieces
And shattered places
Lie our faces in the minutes
Of happines that cease to tick
This millisecond, glimpses of how you were
Brought a cure to a pulse steady
With rhythms of anger and dissapointment
This instant I want to remember
As tender as the day I met you
Here there is no doubt
And your actions cause no fear
The tears that grace my cheek
Are from fluttering hearts and sweet nothings
It is the intersection between my dreams and what is reality
The actuality is that the clock ticked away this time
tick tock tick tock
So Ill keep you frozen in my thoughts
between the beats of my heart
Where time stands still