Monday, June 29, 2009


Sooooo Bittersweet is almost done! Due out end of next year!! For those who don't know Bittersweet is a novel I've been writing since 2003...whew!

Now it's on to another book...entitled His Girlfriend

Here's a preview!

Like acid to rust, her anger ate away at her as Jasmynne Avean Greene clinched the tiney cellular phone between her hand and fingers nearly breaking it. He laid next to her, uncouncious to what was taking place.

Jasmynne sat up straight fully waking herself. She adjusted the pillow behind her back and crossed her free arm across her chest. She was seriously contemplating hanging up on this b**** who had the audacity to cuss her out and question her before the sun even rose above the city's sleeping horizon.

Arielle, Jasmynne's older sister had warned her that if she was going to have sex with Doryan she should leave it at that, sex. Anything more could land her between a rock and a hard place, this included staying the night at his Manhattan penthouse.

But Jasmynne, still in her early twenties at a radiant twenty-five years old was hard headed and that's exactly where she found herself; wrapped tightly between Doryan's navy blue slik sheets and on the other end of a surprise late phone call from his girlfriend.

Arielle was older than Jasmynne and already married with two kids. She was an esteemed advertising agent with her own firm and had always taught Jasmynne that in dealing with a man's ex and or current girlfriend, not to play the other woman role by getting into an adolescent yelling contest, but to listen intently to her psychotic bull**** and then bid her insecure a** goodnight.

While watching Doryan sleep soundly she cushioned the woman's words with "uh huhs" and "oh"s following her sister's advice. She rubbed her stomach to coax it's growling, yawned from unfinished sleep and said,

"Well I'm sure Doryan would be happy to discuss this with you in the morning, Good night RaShelle." She closed his flip phone so that the top and bottom touched ending the conversation. She reached slowly over Doryan's resting body and returned the phone to the night stand next to him, which also held several bottles of pills, half a bottle of scented lotion, and two pictures, one of his parents whom had passed away when he was eighteen and on of his four year old daughter Ariya.

Looking at Doryan to ensure that he was still peacefully sound she thought to herself "triflin a**"..........

Stay tuned! Tell me what ya think...

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