Monday, June 22, 2009

When is Good Enough Good Enough???

My professor said something in class the other day that I thought was pretty interesting. He told us that as students part of growth is learning when it's time to just let good be good. As in when is it at that point where a B is ok and we accept that...when is it that we choose sleep over pulling all nighters and we can live with our efforts.

I've been thinking about this since he said it and it makes sense. I know personally I kill myself for that 4.0. I stand in the mirror everyday before leaving to make sure people will see me as good enough. I am that perfectionist and I'm starting to feel that I should probably take better care of myself and let good enough be good enough in all aspects of life.

Personally when do we say that "God made no mistakes when He made me" and stop trying to "fix" ourselves or kill ourselves to look like Beyonce. When is is that we stand in a mirror naked and accept that curve, that nose, that big Like I said I am guilty. I worry that I'm not beautiful and even when someone tells me that I am I always say "yea...but I have to feel comfortable in my own skin." It's hard when we don't see results in body image or when they come slowly because we are such a immediate satisfaction society and we put ourselves in harms way just to look good on the outside.

When are someone's imperfections perfect enough for us. We need to recognize that no one is perfect even your soulmate. Imperfections are a part of who we are...we make ourselves sick worry about what people think about us. We always say we want more from a relationship or that this thing or that thing gets on our nerves...when did we stop living for the moment and loving our soulmates unconditionally (as in without the condition that he take out the trash or put that toilet seat down or that she cook everyday and keep her weight down). The only person that needs pleasing is God and if you please others in the process lucky you. I am guilty of this too. When Im with someone I want the world to know that I'm your girl and when I don't get this or I feel like Im being disrespected with the flirting and facebook myspace flirting it upsets me. This could be that I tend to read too much into things but this is just my nature. Some people just aren't touchy feely kinds of people and good enough has to be good enough.

Just in life in general we have to understand that your best may fall short. Jesus did His best (in fact He gave us perfection) and they crucified Him....hmmmmmm.

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