Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Bucket

If I had a bucket
holding onto tears
that bucket would be filled
with the fears
Of a heart heavy
with the depths of the unspoken
Is this right
Is this real
For me to love with all my might
To hold on to and grasp at a dream
And looking back on this circle
My mind can barely hold together the seams
True love is never supposed to fail
The audacity of you to change the rules
Is there a condition to your love
And to the depths the flames are fueled
For promises are unkept
A closed mouth doesn't get fed
But a heart torn between settling and accepting things
Only allows for sorrow to be shed
Just out of reach of pure and utter bliss
It is here that you find me
with my bucket and my tears
Wondering if I'll ever see
What I saw before it was filled

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