Monday, July 6, 2009

Lighten Up!!

It has often been said that I am mean, uptight, or too sensitive. Honestly, I just don't feel the need to go around smiling all the Anyways the truth is that life has taught me to always be on guard around everything and everybody. The majority of life has been me and my mom against the world and even as an adult it's hard to get rid of that mind set but i mean come on can you blame me???

Think about today's world and society people use you to get what they want and then they decide "ok i've gotten what I want from that person...time to move on". You get tired of being that person's play thing after a while.

Or it's the people that think you are an easy target and that you don't know what the hell is goin example i love black men but yall seem to think that black women are idiots...reality check boo...majority of the time we know EXACTLY what's goin on we just choose to let you do you boo...but please believe we are taken care of...

It's just so funny to me how the main people that think you are being mean or uptight are the ones doing dirt that think you don't know about it. The main ones that you should be cussin out but you hold your tongue. The main ones that you just have to keep at a distance and keep it movin.

Really, I'm a person that loves to have fun and laugh and I am one of the goofiest people in the world. It's just that my mama aint raise no fool...

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