Friday, July 17, 2009

Fast Foward Friday

Mannn has it been a week already!?!?!?!

Ok on this edition of fast forward friday ALOT of big decisions to be made. The week started with me questioning whether I have made the right decision to step back and try again. Sometimes when you go for things the second time around it's just not the same as it used to be and you realize there was a reason the you left that path to start on a new one. I just need to get that excited feeling again, that undeniable flutter that let's you know this is a good thing. Right now I'm just not there.

Then with grad school almost over it's time to start thinking what next. My eyes are set on Georgia State for my doc program so the reality is that I may not be in Texas much longer. That's a hard one for me, I have no family there no friends...I mean I'm sure I'll meet up with lots of Sorors and Frat and then I'll be fine but like I said before it's been me and my mommy against the world, how can I leave her now??? Then again she'd be the one telling me to and she'd probably wanna come with. This is a decision that I definitely get that excitement about, it's a whole new journey and I'm ready.

My week ended on not such a high note. I usually consider myself a very responsible person, but I may have gotten in over my head on this one. There's nothing I can do at this point to change the decision that I made so it's at this time that I find myself recovering and putting small pieces back together. That sense of immediate gratification came back like a boomerang and now I'm wrestling with whether or not to throw it back out there. Hmmm we'll see what happens.

LESSON LEARNED: Sometimes GOD is trying to tear apart the very things that we keep trying to hold together.

FAST FORWARD: Next week will be busy as usual...still haven't done that paper I was telling you about lol but I'll get it done but we also get to go on a field trip so I'm excited about that. Then the weekend brings my bestie's bday fun!!!

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