Friday, October 2, 2009

A Woman's Mind

This was going to be a poem but it would probably be 3 pages long lol anyways pay attention you might learn a thing or two

A woman's mind is constantly racing, trying to figure out the next move, idea or plan. It can sometimes be hard for her to stay in the present because the future is all that she longs for. She wants you to understand that if you can get her mind to hit pause for even two seconds let alone two or more years, you should feel priveledged because trust and believe at one point she had already moved on to the next thing.

When you do her wrong in any capacity the first thing that comes to mind is revenge, and just because at that point she doesn't verbally acknowledge that you are foul just look into her eyes and you can already tell that her mind is working on a plan to correct and or erase yo ass!

Yea she does want the finer things in life but it's also the little things that keep her mind on pause. Don't think that in our mind we always have to have the Gucci, Prada, and eat at restaurants where the appetizer is $50. All that is nice but if you find yourself providing this all the time, trust me there is a real woman that in her mind is thinking the same things you are.

Even the smallest things that goes on in a woman's mind she probably will never say out loud no matter how much of an independent, strong minded woman she is. For instance you say you want her to look like Beyonce, well she wants you to look like Will Smith, Denzel, Trey Songz, Idris Elba...and you don't hear her complaining. She knows when you're full of shit and it takes everything that she has to be a lady, hold her tounge, let it be. The weight issue is a lose lose situation for you, no matter how you put it, in her mind she will ALWAYS think you're saying she is fat and call you all kinds of bitches and hoes and wonder why the hell you talking after you just demolished two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese on a sesame seed bun.

Love for a woman is like a game of chess. For your every move there is a counter move and she plays the game just as well as the best and sometimes better. In her mind trust is a gift but she will make a return purchase in a heartbeat. The song "Not Gonna Cry" stays on repeat and boyfriend number 2s only exist because we plan to make him number one you just don't know it yet.

She wakes up in the morning dreading having to put on make up and spend time curling and flat ironing hair that you're probably not gonna notice anyway. Going out with friends is freedom and a release of being caged up like a damn animal. She is not looking for love in the club really often times she is looking for what you are looking for and doesn't plan on calling you back after that. Truth be told she can buy her own drink so if you dumb enough to open your wallet in her mind she is calling you a sucker.

Last but not least think about it every 3 seconds and she is right there with you. She doesn't want it to be a chore and sometimes she really just doesn't wanna do it. In her mind foreplay is the best thing ever while you're waiting on your's she's gotten hers about five times already. It does NOT take hours really after a while the clock is ticking and she just wants to take a shower. Finally SIZE does

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