Friday, October 2, 2009

October is also Relationship Violence Awareness Month (purple ribbons)

1 in 3 women will be abused in her lifetime

3 out of 4 teens are affected by relationship violence

Wake up people #stoptheviolence

This poem is one of my first and is near and dear to my's about a young girl living with a secret of up your hearts and realize that this epidemic is REAL!

She Wore Red

As she walked she was made up dressed up done up
And the secret that she held inside was one that she was taugh to hide
By the man who forced her to wear Red
And as she lay with him and it hurt for him to come inside
She remembered the other man's eyes
As he held her against that bathroom wall
Ans she refused to die
He liked what he was doing
And as the man she loved pushed it in and took it out
She remembered the immense amount of blood
That ran from the mahoghany stature that was her bodily essence
And there was no explanation for the Red she wore
It wasn't her short skirt or her sexy curves
It was just a pure act of hatred
Against the beautiful girl that wouldn't give him what he wanted
And she remembered as she lay there nearly dead
Wearing her own Red
That she prayed to the Lord to take her soul
And make it whole
So that she could walk again
With her head held high
And love this man between her thighs
And forgive the man that fucked her
With no regard
To leave her there with more than a broken heart
And as she scratched his back and held him close
She remembered the day
She wanted to forget the most
The day when she wore RED

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