Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sista Gurl PLEASE...

Sooooo who has NOT been keeping up with blogging...IS ME!

Gotta do better...

Im steady counting down to graduation...238 days until I get the 2nd most expensive piece of paper that I've ever had just to say that my qualifications are better than the next persons.

I quit my job this past week and it just feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You know you expect a certain level of respect from your boss especially when you and your boss look alike (as in skin color) and she sits you down and tries to have the "We as Black Women..." talk with you.

I chose to go to graduate school because I want to ultimately own my own non profit and from a counselor's stand point I feel that my boss had some inner resentment towards me because she decided not to get her master's. But really??? Where do you get the nerve to say that my graduation is not your concern Black Woman??? Where was all this "Black Woman" talk then???

And so it is that I am looking for a new job preferably where I don't have to hear the "We as Black Women" talk's getting old. I know that I as a black woman have to be twice as good and sometimes four times as good than the male, the white, the white male, and the white female. YES I know that racism still exists but "my sista" I didn't expect it to come from you.

Graduation May 15, 2010...let the hooding begin....

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