Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reality of Fantasy

I've lost my way
My map says reality
but this sign says fantasy
Their intersections crossed
and have me living recklessly

Which way, which way is it?
I'm waiting for you to lead the way
cuz I'm looking down this path
and I just can't see
Everything around is blinding me

Take your hand?...and then?
I can't go to the place I was in again
It left me at a dead end
This fantasy you left me in

I should probably ask for directions
and I've lost all connections
to what's real and and what I've imagined
to what I can feel and what's a distraction

SOS...someone save me
I'm out of hope
and my faith is almost empty
Have you seen the road to reality

Last call...last call for reality
l'm sorry maam you can't take everything
You must leave the self destruction, rose colored glasses, and naivety
Watch ur step and don't look back
That's how you get trapped in fantasy
Welcome back, next stop reality


  1. I love it!! Sometimes I find myself stuck in a realm outside of reality. Tiff you should start publishing!