Monday, December 14, 2009

Body Language

My Body it talks to you

Telling you it wants you in everyway

From frontways, to behind ways, to oh so sensual sideways

It craves everything you give

It's nectar to live

From tiger eyes to butta thighs it talks to you

My curves whisper touch me, kiss me, hold me, caress me

Divuldge in everything my body has to offer

Soft and wet it screams touch my clit

It talks to you

And my body language is fluently sexual and utterly suseptible

To the passion you speak back to it

I kiss your lips and my Honey drips and as my body gets the notion that

your dick is getting closer

It starts over flowin and my grindin gets stronger

It talks to you

To chase me is to submit me to the depths

Where my moans cannot be kept

When I must let you know

That I feel you fa sho

Stroke after stroke it talks to you

In a language that only you and I understand

My body commands your attention

And with no pretention

The clinch of my fist amidst you

Bringing me to my pleasure is

My body's clever way of sayin

Damn baby

As my body gives into you

Its totally concentual

My body's language is fluently sexual

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